Kapellskar Tourist Guide

Kapellskar Tourist Information

Kapellskar is a great starting point for tourists travelling to Stockholm and the stunning Uppsala region. Kapellskar is located on a breathtaking coastline where trips by boat to the beautiful nearby fjords are the main tourist attractions. Many visitors arrive from Finland. Northwest of Kapellskar lies the Uppland region of Uppsala a great ski areas.

Stockholm's star tourist attraction is Kungliga Slottet. This historic royal castle is one of the world's largest working castles together with Windsor Castle. The building features hundreds of rooms, the majority dating from the 17th century; the Royal Treasury, Hall of State and the Apartments of the Royal Orders of Chivalry are the most fascinating and are all accessible to the public. Another must-see is the Museum Tre Kronor is providing insights into the authentic 13th century castle. A top attraction in the capital is the renowned Skansen. This attraction has a zoo, a handicraft workshop and ancient traditional houses. The best way to really enjoy Stockholm, however, is to stroll around the city and visit Haga Park, the Stadshuset (town hall), and many of the quality museums.

Hotels in Kapellskar

Kapellskar has some hotels in nearby Norrtälje for the adventurous who want to explore the region's stunning fjords. However, Stockholm is the principal attraction, The Norrmalm neighbourhood is where you find most of the best hotels Stockholm has to offer and include: the luxurious Hotell Kung Carl; Berns Hotel, with its beautiful decorated rooms, quality leisure amenities, bars and restaurants; the high quality Grand Hotel in a 19th century building and situated a stone's throw away from the Royal Palace; and the more reasonable priced, yet popular Crystal Plaza Hotel.

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