Hook of Holland Tourist Guide

Hook of Holland Tourist Information

The Hook of Holland, in the Dutch province of South Holland, is a city of about 100,000 inhabitants. Tourists will find a city serviced by an international freight and passenger seaport but is also a popular seaside resort town. The docks are separated from the nice beaches, which are just around the corner on the shoreline. There are a number of leisure activities to choose from many focus on the outdoors including cycling, nature walks and rollerblading. Additionally, there is camping, sea canoeing and riding stables. Tourists with kids may appreciate the local scooter safari or the petting zoo.

The Hook of Holland's surrounding area of The Hague and Rotterdam both cosmopolitan cities, have a pulsating nightlife, numerous excellent shops and a number of year-round events, tourist attractions and festivals. In the Hook of Holland, tourists have long had the option to participate in a walking tour, which will take you past many historical buildings including an 18th century farm, a 16th century typical Dutch windmill and a 19th century lighthouse. One of the town's museums is the Coastal Defence Museum, which is housed at the Fort aan den Hoek van Holland. The fort was constructed in the year 1889, to defend the newly excavated Nieuwe Waterweg against enemy warships.

There are several botanical museums and colourful gardens near the Hook of Holland. The Holland Flower Auction in the town of Naaldwijk is open to the public year-round. The Westland Museum of Regional and Horticulture History boasts a reconstructed 1900s Westland-style market and garden.

The Hague is the seat of the Dutch government and possesses some extreme contrasts regarding architecture, from the period of the Renaissance through to present day structures. The most historic construction in the city is a church, which is situated in the Loosduinen district. Constructed in 1572, it is the sole church that survived an attack by Protestants on the abbey compound. The Huis ten Bosch dates from the 17th century and still functions a royal residence. The palace of Queen Beatrix, Paleis Soestdijk, is located just north of The Hague, in the beautiful town of Soestdijk. It is a jaw-dropping building, but understandably, it is not open to public most of the time.

Hotels in Hook of Holland

The Hook of Holland is both a resort town and a vital seaport. In the Netherlands, which has a limited coastline, every little stretch of seashore performs double-duty. The Hook of Holland offers a fine selection of bed and breakfasts, hotel establishments and for the more adventurous, a camping ground. Lodging options in the area are more regularly reserved in the nearby town of Naaldwijk, less than a 10-minute drive by car, or in the bigger cities of The Hague and Rotterdam, both reachable by car within 30 minutes.

The Eden Savoy Hotel Rotterdam is ideally positioned in the heart of Rotterdam, just a stone's throw away from several tourist attractions. The Highland Carlton Hotel in Naaldwijk is a four-star hotel establishment, just a 10-minute ride from the Hook of Holland and a 20-minute drive from the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. Dorint Novotel Den Haag provides a wide range of leisure options, and a seaside resort and shopping streets are situated nearby.