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Nice Port Map

Nice Ferry Routes

Nice Ferry Routes

At Ferryonline you can book Nice Ferries to Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi and Ille Rousse in Corsica.

Corsica Sardina Ferries and SNCM both operate ferry routes to Corsica from Nice.

Nice to Ajaccio Ferries

Corsica Sardinia Ferries operates up-to five daily services between Nice and Ajaccio. The duration of the trip lasts approximately 4 hours, 30 minutes. Two weekly sailings to Ajaccio are provided by SNCM Ferries with a crossing time of about four hours. Ajaccio is located on the west coast of the island. The town is famous for being Napoleon Bonaparte's birthplace. It is a vibrant and charming coastal town with its surroundings offering a variety of changes for every visitor. The port is positioned near Ajjacio's. There are many restaurants and shops within walking distance. At the port itself there are facilities available including a café, toilets and a convenience store.

Nice To Bastia Ferries

SNCM Ferries offers one sailing per day to Bastia. Sailing time is about 12 hours. Bastia's vital ferry port is positioned in the north, linking Bastia to Toulon, Marseille and Nice. The port also links to the Italian ports of Portoferraio, Savona, Spezzia, Livorno and Piombino. Bastia is a bustling commercial centre located between deep seas and high mountains. With a rich religious and historical inheritance, Bastia is a pleasant and modern town boasting plenty of historical charm.

Nice To Calvi Ferries

SNCM Ferries operates one weekly sailing to Calvi. The duration of the voyage is approximately three hours. Two daily services between Nice and Calvi are offered by Corsica Sardinia Ferries with a crossing time of three hours. Calvi is located on Corsica's northwest coast. The town boasts souvenir shops, boutiques and a picturesque marina, while in its rural hinterland some quaint small villages can be found.

Nice To Ille Rousse Ferries

Two weekly crossings between Nice and the Port of Ile Rousse are offered by SNCM Ferries. The duration of the journey lasts about 11 hours, 30 minutes. Situated on the north coast of Corsica, Ile Rousse is the third most busy resort town on Corsica. It is a great holiday destination, providing plenty of family orientated attractions and sights.