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Dunkerque Ferry Routes

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Dunkerque Port Map

Dunkerque Port Address

DFDS Seaways
Terminal Roulier du Port, Loon-Plage (Dunkerque), F-59279, France
GPS: 51.019, 2.188

Dunkerque Ferry Routes

Ferry routes from Dunkerque (Dunkirk)

Dunkirk port provides a single ferry service which is run by Norfolkline Ferries to the Dover port, England. Crossings are operated throughout the week with regularity of the services varying depending on the day. Passengers are recommended to check the operator's official website where up-to-date schedules are available.

Dunkirk to Dover ferries

There are 11 daily ferry services from Monday to Friday. Eight crossings are operated on Saturdays while the route is covered ten times on Sundays. On board the high speed vessels, the duration of the sea voyage is approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes.

On arriving at Dover port, passengers will find extensive amenities which feature various outlets and restaurants as well as facilities for both short-duration and long-duration parking stays. There are plenty of ground transportation options from Dover with railway links to London and taxis, buses, and car rental services available. The Dunkirk-Dover route is reputed for being a fast and efficient way of navigating between France and Great Britain.