Dieppe Tourist Guide

Dieppe Tourist Information

Dieppe is situated in the Seine-Maritime Departement of Haute-Normandy and is famous for its quality scallops, the medieval castle, the churches of St Jacques and St Remy. Dieppe is a picturesque harbour town popular with tourists on holiday, which attracts visitors with its quaint traditional ambience, pleasant seaside districts and architecture of historical interest.

The beach at Dieppe provides channel waters and golden sands with a pleasant temperature, ideal for swimmers.

A ferry trip to Dieppe should include visits to the town's 15th century castle which houses the Château Museum. The museum houses two interesting collections, one of prints by George Braque, the famous Cubist and ivory carvings. The museum the Cité de la Mer documents the rich past of sea-going ships and includes a model of an ancient Viking drakkar under construction.


A great tourist attraction is at the Café des Tribunaux this 17th century building was formaly an inn before it became the town hall following the demolition in 1694 of the original.

Dieppe Hotels

Tourists will find most types of hotel accommodation available in Dieppe. Hotel de la Plage, 17th century post office, is situated 0.9kms/05miles from Dieppe and is full of history it has a salon with a fireplace a typical rustic Norman interior. The three star Hôtel La Présidence is situated 1.2kms/0.75miles from Dieppe.