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Brindisi Port Map

Brindisi Ferry Routes

Ferry routes from Brindisi

The Port of Brindisi provides frequent ferry connections with ports across Turkey and Greece including: Igoumenitsa, Zante, Paxi, Patras, Cephalonia, Corfu and Çesme. There's a large choice of ferry companies operating sailings from the Port of Brindisi.

Brindisi to Çesme ferries

Aegean Ferry Services operates during the summer months, June to September, a weekly crossing to Çesme in Turkey. The Turkish ferry company MES Line also provides this route. For detailed information, email: info@mesline.com. The Çesme Peninsula is located west of Izmir. Çesme is one of the most beautiful towns in Turkey. Tourists will find outstanding accommodation establishments, restaurants, entertainment and sports amenities.

Brindisi to Igoumenitsa ferries

Fragline Ferries offered sailings to Igoumenitsa. It takes their ferries about 8 hours, 30 minutes to reach the Port of Igoumenitsa from Brindisi.

Igoumenitsa is located on Igoumenitsis Bay, east of Corfu. The town is a busy ferry terminal and tourist hub, being one of Greece's gateways to Western Europe, and a principal hub for ships plying the Adriatic Sea.

Brindisi to Patras ferries

The route between Brindisi and Patras is operated by Maritime My Way Ferries. Duration of the voyage with the conventional ship lasts approximately 15 hours, 30 minutes. The town of Patras was awarded the honour of 'Cultural Capital of Europe' for 2006. The port is positioned near the city's heart, and though on initial arrival the immediate vicinity apears to be a dump, there are a wide range of hotels, restaurants and shops available within walking distance of the port.

Brindisi to Cephalonia ferries

Maritime My Way Ferries provides services to Cephalonia (Kefalonia). The company operates twice daily crossings. Sailing time is approximately 12 hours, 30 minutes on board the conventional passengers and cars vessel. Cephalonia is the largest Ionian Island and features breathtaking natural beauty. Cephalonia has only 32,000 inhabitants, though this population increases during peak season due to the huge crowds of tourists visiting the island.

Brindisi to Zante ferries

The sole ferry route to Zante (Zakynthos) is provided by Hellenic Mediterranean Lines. It takes the vessel approximately 18 hours to reach the Port of Zante from Brindisi. Services are available throughout the year. The most southerly positioned, third largest, Ionian island of Zante is a popular destination for many vacationers. Zante's outstanding beaches are ideal for water sports and sunbathing and water Alikanas and Alikes are two superb beaches stretching 2.5 miles along the northeastern coast boasting bars, tavernas, restaurants and shops.

Brindisi to Paxi ferries

SNAV is the sole company running a daily crossing to Paxi in Greece. The duration of the sea voyage is about 6 hours, 45 minutes. The small Greek island of Paxi is located approximately eight miles south of Corfu. Visitors are attracted to Paxi by its fabulous beaches, small coves and laid-back atmosphere. Only during the summer season the island becomes moderately busy. Travelling by ferry is the only way to reach the island.

Brindisi to Corfu ferries

SNAV operates one daily service to Corfu with a crossing time of about 5 hours, 30 minutes. Hellenic Mediterranean provides, during July and August, six weekly sailings. During the low season months, services are reduced to one or two monthly. Duration of the journey is approximately 12 hours. SuperFast Ferries provides the last ferry service to Corfu with crossings every day lasting seven hours. Located off the western coast of Greece, Corfu is renowned for its spectacular landscape and fabulous beaches and therefore a popular and well visited holiday destination.