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Bergen Port Map

Bergen Ferry Routes

Ferry routes from Bergen

There are four principal ferry companies providing routes from the Port of Bergen in Norway to port cities in Iceland, England, the Faroe Islands and Denmark. The providers of the sailings to these destinations are P&O Ferries, Color line, Smyril Line, and Fjordline.

Bergen to Seysdisfjordur ferries

Smyril Line provides sailings between Bergen and the Port of Seysdisfjordur in Iceland. The duration of the voyage to Iceland takes two days.

The ship operating this route is the Norröna. It is a modern passenger and car ferry boasting many convenient facilities.

Seysdisfjordur is a small fishing town situated on a stunning stretch of coastline and the many 19th-century wooden houses give the town a typical ambience. The long and narrow Seydisfjordur fjord is surrounded by high mountains. The facility is one of Iceland's best natural harbours.

Bergen to Lerwick ferries

Smyril Line provides ferry crossings to Lerwick on the Shetland Islands. Every week on Monday between March and October there is a service available. Crossing time is about 11 hours.

The Port of Lerwick is a vast and highly active working port. Lerwick is also the capital and only town on the Shetland Islands. The place overlooking the Bressay Sound is the most northerly locality in the United Kingdom. A blend of old and new, Lerwick offers tourists plenty activities and attractions.

Bergen to Tórshavn ferries

Smyril Line's vessel the Norröna sails between Bergen and Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands. During the summer months every Tuesday a crossing is available. The duration of the voyage to the Faroe Islands is about 20 hours.

The Faroe Islands are situated between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Tórshavn is the capital and has a population of 18,417. Its port is a perfect point for stop-overs between the Shetland Islands and Norway or Iceland. Officially the islands belong to Denmark although it is a self-governing territory. There is natural beauty and culture everywhere you turn. There are stunning cliffs and mountains cutting through the islands.

Bergen to Hirtshals ferries

Color Line provides up to three weekly ferry services between Bergen and Hirtshals in Denmark. The duration of the voyage between the two ports is approximately 23 hours. Color Line is the largest ferry operator in Norway. The company operates a fleet of ten highly advanced vessels with onboard amenities and activities suitable for all age groups.

Hirtshals is situated in northern Denmark, in the North Jutland County, and the town's port is one of the most active Danish fishing ports.