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For many tourists around the world, Greece is the ultimate southern European holiday destination. It has an incredible history; it is the "cradle of western civilisation". Its historical monuments and buildings are instantly recognisable and although many tourists travel to Athens and no further, Greece countless locations are equally as fascinating. Almost 17 million tourists travel around Greece during the year. It has over 50 marinas and is a popular location for boat owners in the Mediterranean.

In the centre of Athens, the largest city and the capital, is the Acropolis, The Temple of Athena. It is also home to the National Archaeological Museum which has some of the most important Grecian artifacts including the mask of Agamemnon and Artemisian Bronze. On the south slope of the Acropolis is the Odeon of Herodes, a stone theatre that holds the Athens Festival each year.

Greece has a beautiful coastline that stretches for more than 16,000 km as well as some lovely islands such as Crete and Corfu that make great holiday destinations in their own right. It also has large mountainous regions and cliffs and some of the most picturesque religious buildings can be found in the six monasteries built in the rock at Meterora near the Pindus Mountains. The monasteries look as though they are floating in the air and are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.